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Love Notes


Chanele H.

Katie assisted me with my first home birth. She was absolutely perfect in every way. Katie stayed calm when necessary but always kept me motivated to to keep going. Her patience, knowledge, compassion, and strength were everything I could ever want in a Midwife. I look forward to the day I have another baby with her assistance and expertise.

Jennifer P.

I recently gave birth to my daughter Eden Joy and was blessed to have Katie as one of my midwives. This was going to be my 5th delivery but every other birth had been at a hospital with doctors and epidurals. This time I felt a calling to let my body do what it was created to do and allow God to work through me to bring about His perfect plan. On February 5, 2013 at 6 A.M. I went into labor and by 8 A.M. was on my way to the birthing center. Through my most intense labor in the water I could hear her encouraging my husband to “catch” the baby if he wanted to and at 10:01 A.M. Katie and my husband brought my beautiful baby girl out of the water and placed her in my arms. Katie was a true professional at every turn. She was confident, patient, soft spoken, kind, encouraging, gentle and reassuring through the entire process. She never over asserted herself but allowed me to make all the decisions as to what would feel most comfortable and natural to me. She helped me and answered questions when I needed her but was a quiet strength for me when I needed that. She was part of one of the most wonderful days of my life and I will forever be grateful to her.



Samantha B.

Katie helped give me one of the absolute most amazing experiences of my life, the birth of my third baby! He was my first birth with a midwife and SUCH a different experience than his hospital born brother and sister.

We had expected a fast and relatively easy delivery, but baby boy had different plans. As it turns out, birthing a 10 pound 11 ounce 22 3/4 inch baby is really hard! Even though Emmett did not come into this world without a fight, it was truly a beautiful experience. Katie, and the rest of the team, were completely loving and calm the entire time, even in the face of, what seemed to us, a really touchy situation. They all acted in a way that made me completely trust their expertise and I knew to follow their instructions.
I will never forget the love and warmth that surrounded my sweet Emmett’s birth. It is not every day that women get to have the same experience I did, to be loved and soothed during their labors, to be hugged by the birth attendants and really feel safe and comfortable. It is really something special to feel so bonded to these women who helped me bring my baby into the world. Even now, at nearly 5 months old, I still get a little weepy when I think about his birth and how amazing it was. I, honestly, can not wait to do it again!

Karen A.

Last year Katie was present at the birth center where I labored…and labored and labored! She was really there for me if I needed her for any little thing – but otherwise she was completely unobtrusive and brought a quietness and a calmness to the entire process. I admit, childbirth is the toughest thing I have ever done, but it can be so empowering when your care is provided by midwives like Katie who trust your body was created to give birth without interventions – most of the time. In my case – I was unable to deliver at the birth center due to my blood pressure going up and my water had broken 24 hours prior. I have full confidence that Katie and others who were involved mutually agreed we’d done all we could at that time. The best choice was to transfer – for me and my baby – and I trusted if Katie and others recommended it – that was best! I delivered an extremely healthy boy 8 hours after my transfer. While my transfer ended my dream birth – I am so glad most of my tough labor (to fully effaced and fully dilated) was at a birth center with Katie. I believe my baby and I truly benefitted from both the prenatal care and labor hours outside of the hospital! Thank you for all your time Katie!

Michelle S.

Katie was very warm and encouraging during our pregnancy and through our delivery. Since this was our first baby, we had a lot of questions and she was always ready with a comforting, thorough explanation and great advice.

Mardee H.

Dear Katie,

I’m so excited for you and you officially becoming a licensed Mid-Wife!

You were so amazing and calm with the birth of my 7th Grandchild – Emmett, who came into the world at a whopping 10 lbs 11 ounces and 22 3/4 inches long. None of us were expecting him to be quite THAT big – or the more difficult leaning delivery that he ended up being.

Our family is SO VERY THANKFUL that Emmett was born in the birthing center and NOT in a hospital situation. We feel like medical intervention (surgery) would have been forced on us and that the atmosphere would have been anything but the calm, focused, loving and very professional care that we received.

At that point, you were still in training and were an assistant. I remember asking my daughter, Samantha- now which one was the mid-wife and which one was the assistant? I was completely impressed with the staff and with the professionalism in which you worked together to get our precious Emmett safely into this world.

I would recommend you to anyone that I’m aware of who is considering a home birth. ‘m sure that should Samantha and Brian decide to add another child to their family – you will most definitely be receiving a call!

God bless you, all the families you get to work along side of and the beautiful babies that you usher into this world!

I will NEVER forget you and the wonderful job you did during the difficult delivery.

Brianna G.

As a first time mother, I was expecting to go passed my due date, have a long labor etc so my husband and I were very shocked when I went into labor at 38 weeks. I labored hard at home with the support of my husband and doula for about 7 hours when we went to Labor of Love birth center. When we arrived, no one was there yet and I was fully dilated. When Katie arrived I was already in the birth tub (as it was still filling).

She was awesome from the start since she walked into a whirlwind! She immediately got the Doppler and listened to our sweet boy’s heartbeat. She was so encouraging telling me that he was close to crowning and that we would meet him soon, all the while supporting my perineum.

After asking my husband if he wanted to catch the baby (he did not) she instructed me that she would catch him, for me to lean back to my husband and she’d pass him to me. After one great big push, she caught him and immediately warned me that he had a short cord and to leave him on my belly until it stopped pulsing and they could cut it.

In the time after birth, Katie had the absolute perfect balance between supporting us when we needed her help (for bathroom trips, questions, checking vitals etc) and privacy for our small, new family to bond and get to know each other.

It was such a wonderful blessing and experience having Katie there for our birth and first few hours as a family of three. She even stayed late with us while we took our time getting ready to head home. I would recommend her to anyone considering a peaceful, natural, homebirth. She is so professional, but more importantly- so loving.